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DaVinci Ascent Vaporizer

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ascent pic                The release of the Davinci Ascent has been highly anticipated by many in the vaporizer   community.  Portable vaporizers are  being released in many new styles and fashions in this growing industry. One thing that is for sure, all vaporizers are not created equally!

The Ascent  by DaVinci has come a long way from the original Davinci Vaporizer. Utilizing new technology and methods, it delivers a rather enjoyable vaporizer experience.  It comes in several styles, not just different colors, and allows its customers to really pick out the one that suits each individual style best. The Ascent weighs about twice as much as the Pax by Ploom, but is lighter than  new Firefly vaporizer.  By no means is it heavy or uncomfortable to hold or carry, and it is still small enough to fit in your pocket.

The retail price for the Ascent is $249 and comes with a 2 year warranty. The price alone puts it in the same category as the Pax by Ploom, the Firefly, and the Arizer Solo. Though price puts all these units in the same category, the Ascent sets itself apart with its unique features.The Ascent features a programmable OLED screen that has several uses and a glass on glass vapor path which makes for a clean taste.

Whats in the Box?

  • The Ascent Vaporizer
  • Charger
  • Carrying pouch
  • Extra glass stem and mouthpiece
  • Extra Stir tool
  • Manual
  • Glass Jars for concentrates

Considering what comes in the box with the Ascent, I was rather impressed with all the extra goodies. They clearly were thinking of the customers and not profit when they placed an extra glass stem, mouthpiece and stir tool. The stir tool could be pretty easy to lose considering how small it is. It’s quite use though, and we appreciate the extra. Any glass is fragile,  so its great to have the extra set in case the first one breaks. You wont have to wait for replacement parts in the mail leaving you unable to use the unit. The Ascent also is one of the few vaporizers that, as it comes, can be used with both dry herb and concentrates . Most vaporizers can be used for just one or the other, and some you have to buy extra parts for like the A-Pen attachment for the Atmos Rx, or the concentrate trays for the Magic Flight Launch Box.

Features of the Ascent

  • Programmable OLED Screen
  • Glass on Glass Vapor Path
  • Dual Lithium Ion Batteries
  • Precise  Temperature Control
  • Ability to Vaporize Dry Herb or Concentrates
  • Retractable Glass Stem
  • Ability to Use and Charge
  • Completely Silent

The Ascent has a wide range of features that set it apart from other portable vaporizers on today’s market.  Its programmable OLED screen not only allows you to precisely control your vaping temperature  up to 430 deg F , but it also indicates current battery life and features a step option, which I used and liked. You can pre-program your Ascent to start at a specific temperature, than after a selected amount of time step up to the next temperature selection. Its program allows for three different temperature and time settings, giving users more and more control over how they vaporize.

The glass on glass vapor path with retractable glass stem makes for some of the best vapor I have ever tasted.  There are two ways to draw your vapor from the Ascent, one is drawing directly from the glass straw and the other is to retract the glass straw and use the top of the unit as a mouthpiece which actually works nicely. The ability to retract the glass straw makes it much more mobile and safe to carry around without the risk of breaking any glass. The Arizer Solo is another unit that delivers a wonderful tasting experience, but the glass mouthpiece makes it much more prone to break, since it does not retract like the Ascent’s glass straw does. The Ascent’s vapor path truly allows you to taste the difference in all you dry herbs.

The precision control temperature is also a new feature in the portable vaporizer industry. Vaporizers like the Firefly or the Magic Flight Launch Box offer a power button that gets hotter the longer you hold it down, not knowing exactly what temperature your at.  Other units like the Pax and Arizer Solo stepped it up a notch and gave you a range of temperatures to select from. The Pax features three different temp setting and the Solo has seven. The options these units give you are great for enjoyable & efficient vaporizing , but the Ascent goes the extra mile allowing the user to precisely choose the temp they want, to the degree. Also equipped with dual 2200 mah lithium ion batteries, the Ascent has a great battery life. The Ascent is also one of the few units that can be charged and used simultaneously as it comes in the box.

How to use the Ascent

The Ascent is fairly easy to use and doesn’t require a lot of learning considering the degree of control you get. The unit is operated with just four buttons.  The power button is located near the mouthpiece, the (+) and (-) buttons are located on the front of the unit above and under the digital display, and the settings button which is also right on the front.  Once the Ascent is turned on the (+) and (-) keys are used to increase, decrease or set your desired temperature. The setting key can be quickly pressed twice to change the display from Celsius or Fahrenheit. Pressing the setting key once will take you to the step menu where you can adjust the temperatures and time frames for this cool feature.

Once the unit is out of its packaging and fully charged, open the swinging door at the bottom of the unit which reveals the packaging chamber. If your using dry herb make sure, its properly ground for best results and place it directly into the packing chamber. If your using concentrates, fill one of the two glass jars the Ascent comes with desired amount and drop that jar into the chamber. Next, press the power button located near the mouthpiece. Once pressed the screen will show a temp gauge that steadily increases once the unit is activated. From the moment of powering on until the Ascent reaches maximum temperature at 430 deg F, it takes about 50 seconds. Once you have powered it on, use the (+) and (-) keys to select the temperature you would like to heat to.  I usually start at about 370 deg F and go up from there. Once the Ascent reaches the desired temp, a cool little icon will indicate that’s it ready to use.  Choose either drawing from the retractable glass straw or directly from the mouthpiece as mentioned above. Both will result in wonderful tasting vapor. I usually take about three or four draws before increasing the temp by about ten or fifteen degrees at a time.  Once you’ve had your fill press the power button again to stop the heating process and swing the door open to empty the contents of the heating chamber. I usually just flip it upside down and it falls right out . Be sure to either wait a little bit for it to cool off before attempting to touch the heating chamber directly to refill or clean as it does get pretty hot. Some caution is required when things get as hot as 430 deg F.

Cleaning the Ascent

Another wonderful thing about the Ascent is that it is very easy to maintain and clean . Some units like the Pax really do require a lot of maintenance to keep the unit running great.  I’ve been using my unit for just over a week and really have not had much need to clean it, but I tried it out just to see how it went.  So the glass on glass vapor path is very easy to clean using any of your favorite glass cleaning solutions, but be careful when taking out the glass or putting it back in as it is pretty fragile. To clean the heating chamber I would just use a Q-tip to swab around and remove any of the residue left behind.


The Ascent by DaVinci is a wonderful vaporizer with several great features that make it a wonderful unit to own. The glass on glass vapor path delivers truly exceptional tasting vapor. The unit is extremely user friendly and gives the user a great deal of control over the experience they have.  The ability to use either dry herb or concentrates right out of the box and the charge-and-use feature reflects, in my opinion, that when DaVinci designed the Ascent, they were thinking of the user first-and-foremost.  If your looking for a vaporizer that gives you top control, delivers outstanding tasting vapor with very little maintenance required, check out the Ascent by DaVinci. It’s really a testament to the dollars and intent being put into this latest round of vaporizers on the market.

Thank you for reading my review of the Ascent by DaVinci. I hope it was helpful in choosing the best portable vaporizer for you.